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Monday, September 27, 2010

Air compressor! Choose the size suitable for your auto shop

1 What horsepower are using their current air compressor?

2 What power (HP) and flow (CFM) looking for?

3 What pressure discharge, pounds per inch of the Plaza (PSIG) do you need??

4 What are the electrical requirements of the place of installation?

-Voltage: 110,200,208,230,460, 575

-Single stage: (1) or three (3)

-Generally air compressors on 7 only originate from hp in phase 3.

-110 is the standard voltage for houses, also voltage 110 just capacity of single phase and will only work to a 3hp air compressor.

5 What application air compressor is used for? what air quality will be needed?

Aluminium Recip considerations

Cast Iron Recip

Rotary ESP

Rotary is


0 - 40% 0 - 100%

0 - 100% 0 - 100%

6 How often during the day the air compressor will be in use? is it say total hours so that the installation is open work activities, and during that time, the compressor air is used continuously or intermittently?

7 Anticipate the future needs of your air compressor to be?(A good rule of thumb is a compressor by 25-30% to account for future growth, flights etc.)

8. Where will the air compressor be located?(indoor and outdoor, clean and dirt, extreme temperatures)

How to size an air compressor



1 Add up the total power (HP) demand for each tool air or piece of equipment powered air compressor.

2 Add these numbers of power for a total figure.

3 Multiply this total by 1.25 (this represents for future growth, leakage, etc.) to determine the power (HP) from the compressor air required to meet your needs.


4. Note ranges of pressure needed to run their various air and machine tools.

5 Be sure compressor air that selects model is able to satisfy the maximum pressure required by any of the tools of air or computers.


6 Verify that coincide with the correct voltage and amperage electric with air compressor purchase requirements or burn up your engine.

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