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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The evolution of the Campbell Hausfeld air compressor

Therefore, what compressors air and corn have in common? This sounds like a trick question, and perhaps. I would like that accurate is to ask, what Campbell Hausfeld air compressor s have in common with a corn planter? Therefore, all this is history and how a company evolves over the decades.

When Alexander Campbell began business in 1836, for obvious reasons, he was not thinking in air compressors. Made carriages, and when his brothers, William and James, joined a year later in a black smith shop, expanded in carriages, ploughs, harrows and cultivators. They were Harrison, Ohio farm country, therefore concentrated on agricultural machinery. But not were contained only do what was already around, were innovative. Saw the need for a "simulacrum of maize" to planting corn easier and faster.Worked on his design for 22 years before that a patent was granted to the Planter maize Campbell 1859.A weigh the patent, the machine still had problems and of discouragement, Alexander sold his share of business to William and James.

It was four years later, when the two remaining brothers solve design problems and began his first hole comercial.Pronto maize production, James was the sole owner of the company, calling the James Campbell Manufacturing Company. The drill bit original corn was adapted for planting small seeds falling cotton and fertilize.

Let's fast forward on the tiempo.Tres sons James ' now have the company, and the company has evolved.Expanded its manufacturing to achieve furnaces melting pot for the company smelter owned by Joseph Hausfeld and Ohio.La pattern works Association was so successful, that is Hausfeld moved his operation of Cincinnati to Harrison in 1918 and 1920, the two companies merged and become the company Hausfeld Campbell, which is still known today.

The company diversified its cast metal and later expanded sprinklers for farmers and businesses.But it was in 1940 that a new era for the company began when entered in the business of compressor air through the purchase of all patterns, tools, dies and equipment for the manufacture of pressure King Air Compressor.

More than 90 years the company evolved wagons, planters of corn at the gates of crucible for air compressors.The company has continued to add new products, especially a lot of tools and sprinklers that can be used with the air compressors.

Today s Campbell Hausfeld air compressor are divided into many commercial categorías.Hacen, contractor and compressors residential air, as well as less oil for compressors.

The largest category is the residential s Campbell.estos Hausfeld air compressor range greatly in price and size, so that anyone can find one that works best for their smallest compressor necesidades.El that I could find was 2 gallons and the largest had a capacity of 60 gallons, and there were of course everything between.

But no matter what size or why you need an air compressor (and there are many uses for one of them around your home), you know that s compressor air of Hausfeld Campbell is receiving history and quality of a company that has existed for more than 150 years.

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