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Monday, September 27, 2010

Terminology of gas air compressor

Recently out of shopping for a gas air compressor can I give to my husband for Christmas. He is the kind of DIY guy and tools was his passion, I made a pledge to give such tools as you can, wherever I can. I was confused with a lot of things when I was around for our local store improvements for the home.

It was not because of the different rand b s, but due to the terminology to the employee sales were referring to me. CFm and PSI, single phase two stage and compressors, electric motors of different; phase it was all a blur.Finally decided to leave without buying anything yet and did my own research. I wanted to understand compressor gas and all you needed was my laptop and internet connection.

These are some of the things I learned from my research:

PSI - this means pounds per inch of the plaza.Que tells how much pressure or compressed gas can be delivered by the gas compressor air. So to acquire s gas air compressor, it is essential to verify the ISP or pressure their tools require and make sure that its gas compressor will be able to adapt to this requirement.If you have several tools, consider having the highest requirement of PSI.

CFM - abbreviation of cubic feet per minute.This is the volume of air which offers greater gas.Cuanto compressor is the CFM, more time will take prior of gas compressor refills.

Single stage Compressor - this type of gas air compressor has one or more of a cylinder aire.Tener cylinders means that cylinders are the same size.One thing that must take account of compressors single phase is that you cannot use the tools they need over 100 PSI unless you use the tool intermittently.

Two stage Compressor - this special gas compressor has at least two cylinders with one is smaller than the otro.estos compressors of air can be used for tools that require higher pressure as it normally operates in 175 PSI.Se trafficking more ideal for heavier or more professional use.

These are the basic terms to familiarize myself with a.Una copy with my new knowledge in compressors and how my husband will use your air compressor, I set once again to our local store home improvement and bought his first compressor of Ingersoll Rand of my husband.

Having written extensively for more than 8 years in air compressors, brandy has devoted much time to write about the best way to find air gas compressors.

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