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Sunday, October 3, 2010

The 60 gallon Air Compressor - make the right choice

Considering that a gallon 60 air compressor the first consideration is to assess what type of jobs that use the air compressor to pressure of air tools requirements and the requirements of CFM when running your tools air.

And buy the 60 gallon air compressor is very important to consider the possibility of no matter what the size of the air compressor and is servicio.despu├ęs that gathered information that previously stated its air compressor pump cycle should not run any more than 5 minutes from the ten, in other words 50% of the time.

If the pump motor runs any more than 50% of the time bomb will get very hot with the possibility of burning. Also considerably reduce the service life.

A 60 gallon tank held more air, pump does not move so if the drive is powered by the right engine HP pump.Don't want this power with a 2HP motor tank size if running as an air Sander high-capacity air tools requiring 10 CFM, pump would exceed the duty cycle.

Ideally, 5HP with air 60 gallon tank pump engine combination will fill needs for the operation of the little shop that uses air ratchet air impact tools, paint spray guns.5Hp engine can produce 135 PSI and supplying sufficient CFM to run correctly.If uses an air Sander drive 5HP fill the tank air quickly and provide enough pressure to run the tool.

If you have a 60 gallon dual compressor air stage or a single stage?This requirement is dependent on what was just discussed.How many people will use tools of air and the total required air together with the pressure of air tools.?

With a single stage compressor air is compressed at once, and then sends to the tanque.Un double stage compressor compresses the air twice that accumulates more PSI than a single stage compressor.

The next thing to consider is the method of lubrication of the compresor.Una lubed oil belt drive unit is the quietest and will have a service life much more compressor larga.Este is the unit of choice when the unit is used in small closed space en.Una direct drive unit is very noisy with a lower life expectancy and is not a good choice for a closed shop.

One 60 gallons of 5 HP air compressor is a good choice for many applications for your personal store, all renovators, small stores machine, agriculture, and many more just make sure you have lubed oil will pocket belt drive compressor thanks.

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