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Friday, October 1, 2010

A bit of explanation in air compressors

An air compressor is a piece of equipment that increases the amount of air in an area determined by compressing it. Packing in more air, the air pressure is increased, then creates a force which is very useful for different purposes.

First known worldwide air compressor is the lungs. Provided that a person takes a deep breath, increases the air pressure in the lungs which is the essence of an air compressor.Force in the lungs, is then used to blow the aire.Los advances in technology and expertise have enabled people create compressor air by man.

These compressors are classified into different depending on its mode of operation. Positive displacement air compressor generally works by filling your air with the air Chamber and then empties.The three most common types of air compressor are Rotary screw piston and rotary vane deslizamiento.Por elsewhere, dynamic air compressors use a rotary device to speed up and slow down the air. In this process, the velocity of the air is used to increase air pressure.

There are a variety of ways to use compressed air. For industrial processes, you can use to modify chemical in fertilizer processing compositions, or can also be used for production of process of manufacture or maintenance of industrial plants.

Compressed air can also be used at home with the air compressors 12V.Very useful and are capable of storing air comprimido.están available in an improvements for home or hardware to purchase or rent shops.Lots of it fans, who have the inclination to small improvements House can take advantage of features 12V compressors air outside its pneumatic power tools such as nail guns, staplers, sanders, cannons spray or ratchet keys.12V air compressors can also be used to move the rubble and other wastes.Of course, DIY-ers are not the only people who use these tools, as well 12v types can be used by people who practically use these computers frequently or occasionally.

People who like off-road vehicles can take advantage of compressed 12V air compressors .the pressure used by these types of vehicles generally is dictated by the ground which is pisando.Un vehicle 4 x 4 running on rough terrain would have to extend your tyres as soon as gets on asphalt and if there is no electric light, compressors 12v source may be the only solution. from air compressed is stored in the tank, be transferred to the wheel without problems.

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