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Sunday, October 3, 2010

How can keep air compressor?

How to keep your air compressor to run longer and healthier

Any machine is worth the penalty only if correctly, compressors are no exception to this rule, we can put them to use effective if we are maintained and kept in good working conditions.

In this article we will highlight some basic but effective tools to maintain your compressor well maintained to perform their work diligently for a long time coming. The most basic and main advise would be to ensure that drain water from its compressor every time you bring to use.You will usually find more usually at the bottom of a compressor to help you easily drain the agua.Si valve follow regularly this process will not allow water to accumulate in the tank and protect the body of the machine in any formation of oxide on its inner surface. Not only this if the water level goes beyond a certain limit of compressor, tank will not leave enough space for air pass, thus leading to loss of pressure.

Other important maintenance tips would be caring for the environment where the air compressor is maintained. Clean, warm and dry environment is best suited for a compressor to work correctly.Minimum dust around the air compressor prevents any particle unwanted making their way to the machine on their valves or joints and cause problemas.Por therefore is advised that they wipe dust or dirty areas in the tank of time. Hot, dry environment around the machine to prevent moisture filter values. If the air compressor is kept at low temperatures and does not work correctly try to do in the warm up for a time of put it to use again.

Word of caution for places where there is problem of electricity to never EVEN RUN AN AIR compressor OFF A GENERATOR.Normalmente, when we run compressor on normal electricity demands and consumes some extra power to start loading up.This extra power can easily provide through a normal electricity connection, but not by a generator set.If the air compressor is denied to this extra startup could cause serious damage to their engines.Therefore, each time you try and run a generator compressor engine wears a bit down, and if we keep doing the same repeatedly will lead to permanent damage to the engine air compressor.

Last, but not users less compressor that need to be attentive to the filtraciones.Necesitamos check if leaks are from the value or the body of the often tanque.A observed that people would just rushed for a value change if you observe any fugas.Esto may not be the best thing to do. next time we see an escape just give some time overtime and closely monitor if it is off the tank or the value.

Hope you would find the previous suggestions as useful and will help you maintain and get more from your compressor sets.

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