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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Discover the oil-free air compressor

There are three main types of air compressors. The first type is a volumetric alternative air compressor, which increases the pressure machine, reducing the volume of air in your camera. The second is called a rotary screw, which compresses the gas compressor by forcing it on two screws using synchronization gear. Gap between the bolt decreases and compresses the gas. The third type is called a rotating centrifugal compressor, which is based on a 'rotating propeller' to transfer energy to the air and compress it.

All three of these compressors are used for industrial-sized, air propulsion machinery and are commonly used in places such as factories, auto shops or construction sites.

A type of Rotary screw system is the free air compressor oil. In this type of compressor, there is no oil used to cool or seal the Chamber that holds the position of gas. Instead, gas is compressed only by the action of the two screws.The system is air or water cooled, maintaining the machine generate too much calor.Normalmente, this system is used in places where the excess oil can be detrimental to the machines or areas you are working, such as manufacturing, research, or doctors of semiconductors. Atlas Copco, Werther, and HP trusted manufacturers make updates for this compressor.

A free air compressor oil cannot produce enough as much pressure as a flooded by oil, while this type of compressor is still able to produce about 150 psig and has a volume of output of more than 2000 cubic feet by minuto.Este compressor type has a wide range of uses.Since air is free of any oil, is insurance for use in foods and beverages, electronics, automotive construction and repair, paint, paper and manufacturing industries plastic, even snow use of decisions and the hospital.Risk of oil pollution is greatly reduced by using this type of compressor.

You can get an oil-free compressor air, there are many brands and models available for rental or compra.Debido these machines are designed for industrial use, many companies choose to rent instead of buying, as a package of compressor air Rotary screw typical can cost between $ 5000-$ 10, important research 000.Es thoroughly by buying or renting such a compresor.Afortunadamente, there are many reviews online for a large number of brands and models, so it's easy to find the product for you.

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